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Polly Peachum in "The Threepenny Opera"

" became clear who owned this production: the women. From Ksenia Popova’s starry-eyed Polly, alternating a soaring, powdered-sugar soprano with a gritty underside...these women kept delivering." - The News Tribune

"Soprano Ksenia Popova as Polly is the nearest thing in the show to an ingénue. Innocent at first, then fiercely protective of MacHeath, she is one of MacHeath’s many characterful women who all sing and act memorably." - City Arts

Juliette in "Romeo et Juliette"

"As Juliette, Ksenia Popova created a perfect blend of childish enthusiasm and regal composure, singing with a rich, glittery soprano and real conviction." - The News Tribune


"These duets are true reason to see the show; soprano Ksenia Popova (Juliette) and tenor Christopher Bengochea (Romeo) shine together....It is rare to attend an opera where the stars are sensitive to the harmonies necessary to deliver a successful duet....The two strong stars performed thoughtfully and responsively to the point where when they sang together, I regularly closed my eyes to hone in on the true mastery of their charming delivery." - Post Defiance

Josephine in "H.M.S Pinafore"

"Ksenia Popova, leading the show vocally as a convincingly dramatic Josephine, warmed up her golden upper register with impressive power (this is a young soprano to watch.)" - The News Tribune

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